2021 Questions

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Questions activate parts of our brain and place the listener in a place of humility.  Questions not answers are what is needed during this time.  They empower our imagination.

High expectations that this year will surpass all that was lost last year may be unrealistic.  Instead of listing out our recommended approaches for executives and business leaders, we thought we would share our list of bold questions you ought to reflect upon as you enter this much anticipated year!

How will you keep your vision and values top of mind?  Your vision ought to inspire and motivate.  Imagine it is 2030 and you open a news app on your phone, what would the headline read about your business or your career? In other words what is your preferred future?  Reflecting on your vision decreases anxiety and increases engagement.

How will you support your team to reach their goals in 2021? It is still true that employees leave their bosses.  Additionally, becoming an exceptional coach to your team will be a critical competency moving into the year.  Outline your plan to develop your team to ensure they are successful.

What will be your daily recovery rituals?  2020 taught me the importance of daily recovery rituals.  These rituals must include positive emotional experiences, learning, relationships and psychologically distancing from work.  This is so challenging in the work from home environment, but it is possible for us to daily recover from our demanding work.

How does your calendar reflect your highest priorities? We may say that our people and clients are the greatest priority, yet when we review our calendar there is a mismatch.  Clarify your priorities and ensure that your calendar is a reflection of what is most important to you.  How we spend our time is a reflection of how we will be remembered as a leader.

These questions are critical for leaders as we move into 2021! Good luck!