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Conflict resolution, team dynamics, and inspirational leadership.
About Chris Bittinger

Are You Ready to Grow?

Whether you’re looking for a dynamic speaker for your next conference or a facilitator for your next team workshop, Chris takes the time to understand your goals and audience and tailor his presentation accordingly. His only requirement? Participants who are ready to grow, learn, and push themselves in the pursuit of greatness.

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  • Conflict Resolution: Conversations that work at work

    Conflict is an inevitable part of business. The ability to communicate and manage conflict during times of instability and in times of growth is critical. Chris will show you how.

  • 5 Dysfunctions: Not so dysfunctional anymore

    More than 50% of teams are dysfunctional and unengaged. Learn how you and your team members can work more effectively together.

  • From technical expert to inspirational leader

    You have become an amazing success as a technical expert. But moving into an inspirational leadership role takes a broader skill set. Chris will help you transition smoothly.

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