3 Fundamental Questions For Leaders

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COVID, Work From Home, The Great Resignation, Gig Economy, Hybrid Work, Mindful Leadership, Burnout – The trends, the media and the popular press promote these hashtag phrases. I am not saying that these items are not real.  I wonder if they actually distract leaders from the fundamentals.

There are three fundamental questions leaders must answer to address all the hashtags, trends, popular posts and buzz –

How often are you intentionally promoting your company vision and values through your communication?

Your team no matter what the environment desires clarity.  A clarity that can only be expressed through a vision that answers “Where are we going?” By the way, revenue is not a vision it is a metric.  Values are a depiction in words of your company culture.  Sharing with your team how your values are being expressed and demonstrated communicates that values are not just placards placed on the wall.  Your values should inform decision making.

What is the highest and best use of your time as a leader – how does your calendar reflect these priorities?

As a leader, your time is a limited resource.  How you use your time will determine the influence you have.  Take a look at the last 30 days, would you say that your calendar was a reflection of your priorities?  Make adjustments to your calendar now to ensure lasting influence.

How frequently are you gaining feedback from your team on your performance as a leader?

When you ask for feedback and do not get defensive, you are creating a safe work environment.  Listening and applying that feedback creates an even better environment.  I am amazed at the number of leaders who resist asking, listening and applying feedback.  It sets a tone that you have not arrived and we are learning together.

As you end the year, which question stands out?