3 Job Search Best Practices

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My 3 job search best practices come as a result of an inspirational meeting with a Career Maximizer Member, who recently received two job offers after a five month search.   His search was very inspiring to me and set the standard for a successful search.

Here are the best practices he shared with me:

Best Practice #1: Do not let you network go stale with lack of attention.  Relationships require intentional and focused attention. Just because you are employed does not meant that you should neglect your current network and meeting new people.  If anything, this is a great way to stay connected to the local market and learn.

Best Practice #2: Do not underestimate preparation for your interview.  This includes reviewing the company website to know their story, products, values, people and corporate vision.  You may not necessarily repeat that information, yet you may be able to share that you have done your homework before the meeting.

Best Practice #3: Always, always always send letters or thank you notes to everyone and anyone you talked to from that company.  This includes the receptionist to the recruiter.  Thank them and reinforce why you are the best candidate for the position. Email me if you would like to see a sample thank you template.

Two other key aspects of his job search included being flexible with his search strategy, which is about being open to what the market is sharing regarding the job search and enhancing your skills while you are looking.  These two factors were definitely turning points for him.

What have you found to be successful practices of your job search?