3 Tips To Flourish As A Leader

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To flourish as a leader, you must be able to follow three very important tips.  Flourish means to grow well or luxuriantly.  A synonym for flourish is the word thrive. How about that image for yourself and for your team or business?  When was the last time you described your business as one that flourishes?

Think about what that really means.  It means that you are attaining incredible results year after year.  It means that your people want to be a part of your company and bring their very best to the table.  Flourish…Thrive…Grow Well…Luxuriant Growth.

The vision for Open Pivot is that we would see leaders throughout the world flourish.  Pretty simple to say and yet harder to achieve.

Here are 3 tips to flourish as a leader:

1.  Make sure you are pursuing your vision and not someone else’s vision for you.  This is nuanced and yet it is very powerful.  If you are suddenly lost in the flow of someone else’s vision, you just have not defined who you truly are and where you are going.

Practical Application:  Have you taken the time to describe your ideal day?  This is includes everything from the conversations you are having, the outcomes you would like to create and the environments that you are existing in.  Be as detailed as possible and make sure you write it out to review over and over again.

2. Monitor emotional drains so that you can maximize your strengths and minimize the draining activities.  This is about knowing where you begin and end and where someone picks up.  Emotional drains can often be tasks that you can delegate to others.

Practical Application: Make two columns on a piece of paper and write out “Strengthening Activities” and “Draining Activities.”  See if you can delegate a couple of those draining activities to others on your team.

3. Connect and Create:  Your employees need you to provide opportunities for them to connect and create.  In other words, they need to have a strong relationship with you as a leader and with your team.  Additionally, they need the opportunity to assert themselves or to express and manifest their strengths on your team.

Practical Application:  Create space with one member of your team and help them evaluate how well they are connecting and if they feel they are creating.  This is a very intentional and developmental conversation.

What else do you do to ensure that you and your team are flourishing? I look forward to hearing your responses.