5 Ways To Find Your Cause

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It is not easy to track down your cause.  I thought it time to share a few ideas that helped me gain some clarity.

1) List out the moments in your life where you felt like you were in the zone.  The moments where you were engaged, enthused and most importantly brought about positive results.  This will help you identify the places where you have been and what you might need to explore.

2) Talk to those who you consider people of cause. It is inspiring.  Ask them “Why they get up in the morning?”

3) Read everything you possible can by the people who write good stuff and by people you see who have cause.

4) Have you ever done a “Waving the Magic Wand Exercise?” Simply put, find a quiet place, focus  your energy and write down everything you want out of your personal life and your work life.  Pick the top three and create a plan to obtain.  For example: You wanna go to Europe?  Price it out. Cut out pictures and visualize yourself in Europe.  Even better set a date and a budget so you can go!

5) Look in your current environment for ways to contribute in areas of interest.

Good luck!