Body Language

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“If language was given to men to conceal their thoughts, then gesture’s purpose was to disclose them.” John Napier

70% of communication is body language.   Recently, I was working with a President and CEO that were in conflict and the CEO walked in sat in the chair crossed his arms and put his feet on the chair in front him like a foot rest.  The President looked straight ahead focusing on the content of our discussion.  Arms crossed and legs resting on a chair demonstrates a lack of interest and disengagement.  It is dismissive. It is a “I give up” appearance vs. a “I am committed” appearance.

Closed Body Language 

  • Arms Crossed
  • Arms Above Your Head
  • Eyes Rolling
  • Checking Your Phone During Meetings
  • No Eye Contact
  • Angled Away From The Audience
  • Hands In Pockets (Dismissive or Casual)

Open Body Language

  • Palms Up During A Meeting Or Speech
  • Face to Face During a Meeting (More Confrontational)
  • Angled During A Meeting or Conversation (Interactive)
  • Smiling
  • Head Nodding
  • Hands Folded In Front Of You
  • Taking Notes

According to Hogan, 50% of all managers will fail or derail.  Your ability to build a team is directly connected to your ability to have quality relationships.  This is tied directly to reputation. One expression of your reputation is your body language.

Leadership is more about reputation vs. your identity.  If you want to have a reputation of being calm, open and connecting you will have to monitor your body language.  Your body language express true intent.  Be sure to monitor your body language to match your intent and objective.