Brainy Leadership

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The emergence of leadership training, books, blogs and socratic thought around the topic of leadership is uncanny.  You will find it just as interesting to know that the neuroscientists (Brain Mavens) are heavily engaged in investigating how our brain functions in regards to leadership.  I recently read a Neuroleadership journal regarding some of their recent findings.  
I found their findings fascinating:
* It is accomplishments that we often learn from better than our failures.
* Our brain is more elastic than we think and we can make changes or improvements for the better.  
* A person that is engaged is “attracted to, committed to and even fascinated by their work”  Stan Slap would call this emotional commitment.  The brain is immersed in the work.
* The SCARF model: “Every decision the leader makes either supports or undermines the perceived levels of status, certainty, autonomy, relatedness, and fairness among followers.” 
The last bullet has me deep in thought and even more aware of how my actions and emotions effect others.  As leaders, we need to reduce the obstacles for our people to help them become better engaged in the work.