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Collaborative relationships are essential.  I recall in leadership roles, that I would often be tempted to rush forward, make decisions and work alone without gaining input from others.

Collaboration is about partnership, connection and inclusion to achieve shared goals.  Group meetings, task force sessions and 1:1s are the methods used to build strong collaborative relationships.   Collaboration is a process vs. a single event.

There are several pitfalls leaders fall into when seeking to build strength as a collaborative leader –

1.) Mind Reading – You cannot mind read and your team cannot either.  If you assume that you know what your team needs and wants, you will likely get it wrong.  Expecting your team to read your mind is even worse.  It lacks assertiveness and courage.

2.) Vulnerability – This is an action that is opposite of mind-reading.  Vulnerability is assertive.  It is not just self-disclosure.  It is sharing what it is that you need / want.  This will strengthen your overall assertiveness skills.  This takes courage, which is most certainly within you!

3.) Isolation –  Many of us would prefer to push our agenda through without including others.  When you notice that you are making decisions alone vs with others you may be falling into the trap.  Working from home has brought this pitfall forward for many leaders.

Which one are you most susceptible of falling into? What are the other pitfalls?