Creating your opportunity

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I had lunch with an informal mentor yesterday who shared his personal success story.  It was inspiring. This gentleman was transferred here from Detroit and eventually his role was removed.  He was apartment shopping and realized that many of the local apartments were poorly managed.  He felt that he could be of help to the property owners who were in need of someone to oversee the property managers.

He went on to tell me that he wrote a letter to one the property owners indicating that he had the skill set and desire to help clean up the properties and would like the chance to interview for a position.  Little did he realize that his future boss had a meeting earlier that week stating that they had a huge need for this type of position.

The rest is history.  30+ years later this gentlemen completed a very successful career.  He learned about philanthropy, customer service and community involvement.  He shared that he was given the opportunity. I think in many ways he created his own.