Deterrent Conversations

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I knew it was coming. The last time I entered into a process, where I started dreaming about doing something that I had great interest in I had a conversation that was in many ways a deterrent.

Today, I met with a owner of a coaching organization here in town. He said, “It is a bad time to get into any type of coaching and training position.” Another conversation with a mentor that day “Why are you doing this?” Another conversation was “I hope you know fully well what you are leaving at your current position.”
This time I was prepared. This time I will not be denied. This time I will continue to pursue this quest for the “Cause” and wake up being able to say “I love what I do” and “Feel like who I am is what I do day to day.” or “What I do is an outpouring of my true cause and self.”
Thank you for the feedback folks. I will at least consider it or file it away as data. This time it will not deter me from continuing this journey.