Ego and The Job Search

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Forbes contributing blogger Glenn Llopis wrote an exceptional piece on how envy can poison your career. He really cuts to heart of how Ego (our achievements, the opinions of others, our stuff) can set us on an unending treadmill of sorts.  In many ways, this ego state really ruins the sense of individuation and differentiation.

Your career, your leadership, your family and your life benefits greatly when you accept the idea that you are a masterpiece vs. a chameleon trying to become what everyone else wants you to be.  Here are 3 warning signs that you are at risk of an ego trajectory:

1. You hand your resume to someone and hope that they approve or said another way you hold back because you expect rejection.
2. Comparison of your achievements and your stuff to those of others.  Your unit of measurement is not the line of others.
3.  You cannot stand uncertainty.  In other words, your pursuit is security vs. the adventure.

What are the other warning signs you have witnessed?