End of Exploration Process

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I noticed on my Outlook calendar today, that this is the day in which my exploration process would be over.  In other words, the 50 interviews in 90 days would be complete and I would have a good picture of the next step or cause.  This is definitely true. In fact, I would say it became clearer faster than I would have guessed.

Today, is the day I plan to review some of my interview notes, review my spreadsheet and look toward 2010.  Interestingly enough, in many ways I am well into Part II of the process, which is all about finding the opportunity and moving forward.

I would like to take a moment and reflect on the positives of Part I (exploration) as I aggressively move into Part II.  Below is the list of occupations, which were and are of interest:

* Sports Coaches:  These are amazing individuals who sacrifice much of their personal and family lives to impact young people.  Special thanks to the many sports coaches I interviewed and thank you for your “cause”
* Directors of Non-Profits: Your cause could be education, social justice and even baseball for inner city kids.  Thank you for managing your boards, raising dollars and helping create a better life for others.
* Fund Development: You are sales people with a special cause.
* University Professor: Everyone can remember the teacher that inspired their lives.  The ones I spoke with do this every day and make the world better because of their investment.
* Career Services / Coaching / Career Consulting: I put this one in BOLD type because this is where I am heading. I am not sure where or how or when, but this is my next “cause.” Helping folks find their next cause.  I am pursuing this because I feel that this is fundamental.  It is important to me.