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The opposite of burnout is flourish. Burnout is a state of great fatigue, which has symptoms of emotional exhaustion, cynicism and lack of professional efficacy. Ongoing stress generates burnout. To flourish means to experience great energy, interest and to be effective at the task at hand. Flourishing involves having more positive emotional experiences than negative emotional experiences. The organization and the individual must take ownership of the challenge of burnout.

There are three key factors leaders need to consider to build an environment, which allows their employees to truly flourish:

1.) Learning: Studies have shown that employees who are consistently learning are more productive and happy at work. Learning is about problem solving. Learning is also about gaining knowledge in areas of interest.

2.) Meaning: Every person’s role in the business ought to be connected to something that is of value. Value is created in relationships and in service.

3.) Support: An employee that is given the support they need will more likely flourish. Some employees need more job support and resources than others.  If an employee feels that the job demands are more than the available internal resources or organizational resources, they will eventually experience high amounts of stress and anxiety.

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