From Burnout To Thriving

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Our last post focused on the topic of burnout.  It is important to see the warning signs of burnout in your own work and life.  Additionally, it is important to go from burnout to thriving.

This week, I spoke with one my clients on a coaching call.  He is showing at least 3 of the warning signs of burnout.  These include:

1.) Emotional Exhaustion – You may have said to yourself “I just cannot do this anymore.” or “The thought of another tough conversation or any conversation is just draining to me.” Signs of emotional exhaustion could be higher than normal errors in judgement or decision making.   Additionally,  you may be drawn to escapist behaviors, which could look like unfocused meetings or 1:1s.

2.) Desire To Distance – We all need a vacation or a break throughout the year.  A desire to distance is about frequency. If you find yourself longing for a vacation two weeks after your last one, you could be experiencing burnout.  You may find that you are procrastinating the difficult work for more emotionally gratifying work.  Some leaders distance themselves from conflict or relationships, which are definite signs of burnout.

3.) Lack Of Effectiveness –  A lack of effectiveness is found in the key performance indicators.  If you find that you are not seeing results in your leadership or sales or delivery, this could be a sign that you are worn out.

You can thrive again and it will take some intentionality.  We encourage leaders to do the following to recharge their own batteries and get back to it.

1.) Comfort vs. Renewal –  Comfort is short – term – things like Netflix, Ice Cream and Alcohol.  Renewal is long – term, which includes activities like sleep, exercise, relationships and good nutrition.  Nature has been found to be one of the most rejuvenating activities.  When was the last time, you took some extensive time to exercise or be outside?  Learning has been found to activate your curious brain and move us to renewal.

2.) Vision Inspires –  Your vision is inspiring.  It was Winston Churchill, during the Battle of Britain, who focused on the vision of winning the war and delivering the taste of freedom to Europe.  It was this vision that kept him going.  Not to mention his frequent naps!

3.) Relationship Audit –  Who is giving you life right now?  Who is taking life from you right now?  If this seems out of balance, you may need to find or reinvest in life givers. We all need support through quality relationships.  Write down all the people in your life and simply reflect upon, who is supporting your leadership and who is taking it away.

You deserve to thrive as a leader.  In fact, how can you expect your business and people to thrive if you are not thriving yourself?