Interviewing Tips

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The word “interview” can create anxiety, fear of rejection and vulnerability.   You can control your preparation and your presentation, which was affirmed this week during my exploration with some executives this week.

Here is a list of some of their interviewing tips:

  • Interviewing Tip #1: Make an excellent first impression by being well groomed, professionally dressed, make good eye contact and be positive.
  • Interviewing Tip #2: Please do come prepared with some thoughtful, well investigated and researched questions about the company.  Asking how much will I get paid may not be the best question to lead with on the first interview.
  • Interviewing Tip #3: Making judgmental, political and stereotypical generalities in an interview is not a good choice.
  • Interviewing Tip #4: Find out who is interviewing you in advance and learn about them prior to the interview.
  • Interviewing Tip #5: Anticipate the questions they will ask and practice your responses prior to the interview.


How do you prepare for an interview?