Lead Right To Left

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Read left to right and lead right to left.  Say that phrase five times fast.  As we launch into 2015, every leader and manager is talking about setting goals and resolutions for the year.  According to an article in the Harvard Business Review, 72% of followers want their leader to be forward thinking.

You cannot even begin to establish strong goals without establishing for yourself a captivating picture of where you would like to end up.

Take for example the tried and true resolution of losing 10 pounds.  That is great as a goal, but lousy as a vision.  The vision could read something like – ‘Be a healthy, active and vibrant individual.’  This is a bit more captivating than the boring idea of losing 10 pounds.

The vision or picture in your mind as a healthy, active and vibrant individual is actually quite exciting.  Visualizing that picture of yourself will help when the gym looks daunting or that piece of apple pie is staring you in the face.

The best leaders have a compelling vision.  To develop a compelling vision you might start by answering these 3 questions:

1.)  Describe what you would like to see different in your work / life.

2.)  What types of outcomes do you want to see created?

3.)  It is a year from now, what would make you deliriously happy?

Do not worry about a catchy vision statement.  Worry about that later. For now focus on the images, outcomes and future that you would like to create.

Think about some of these compelling visions:

1.) College basketball teams “Cutting Down The Nets” at the end of the their championship run.

2.) “I have a dream that all men are created equal” – Martin Luther King

3.) “A world where everyone has a decent place to live” – Habitat for Humanity

The reason we struggle with a compelling vision is that our brains really like to focus on results.  Corporations sometimes squeeze the life out of us in exchange for immediate results.

In order to develop a compelling you vision, you absolutely must activate the right side of the brain, which is the creative work place of your mind.  Here is where imagination comes in and a leader must imagine that ideal picture.

Read left to right, but lead right to left.  I know it is hard to say 5 times fast and challenging to do, but you are being asked to lead or it is time for you to lead.