Leadership In A Vacuum

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Authority by position, by title, by bold and dotted lines on the organizational chart. Forget it all! Forget it all! 

A leader’s job is to inspire, build exceptional trusting relationships, create a vision for the future, create connection, create trust, empower, motivate and include others in the process.  It is not forged by lines on a piece of paper or by some leader above them saying “you are leader!” 
I title this entry as Leadership In A Vacuum because every decision you make as a leader can be that if you do not do all of the above.  A vacuum disregards what is around it and is focused singularly on its own task.  This is scary!
3 Warnings Signs That Your Leadership Is In A Vacuum
  •  No Credibility:  You are leading from a deficit because you sit upon a perch of your new job title and suddenly Seymour you are alone in your new office.  Solution: Engage in the work by spending time with your people while they are doing the work or better yet do their work at least to some degree.
  • Upside Down Service:  They are serving you and you are not serving them.  You sit upon your perch waiting for their reports vs. bringing your reports to them in collaboration and partnership. Solution: Today find a way to help your team win. Right now! Do it! 
  • They Stop Listening To You:  You can tell when this is happening.  Low meeting energy, no inspiration. Solution: Listen to them please. Start with asking them questions.  Please!
I know that reading this kinda “sucks” but come on.  Don’t end up like this guy.