Reformat your life, routines and computer…

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Even as a Mac user, every two years I wipe my hard drive and start over.  Ah yes, a fresh clean hard drive, which yields the wonderful experience of having faster load times and quicker start times.  It feels great to have your desktop salvaged. Certainly, the greatest challenge is putting all your important data back onto the new hard drive.  Apple has a great program called Time Machine to help with that.

Sometimes it is helpful to reformat some of the routines of your life to build refreshment into the soul and out into the world.  I plan to reformat my Saturdays.  I wake up with a huge sense of urgency to get everything done.  It is like I want the house picked up, the dishes done, reading to be completed and kids rooms scrubbed before 10:00 a.m.  This is not working and not surprisingly so.  It is really a bit insane.

I need a bit of cause to my Saturday.  My intention will be to wake up eat breakfast collaborate with my wife on a checklist and walk through the day with some clarity.  I will choose to filter the undone things with a new filter.  The filter of enjoying the process, confidence and relationship.

I look forward to sharing with you more about my Saturday next Sunday.