The Cause of the Kennedy’s

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I enjoyed a terrific four day getaway with my wife Tricia this past weekend. We had never been to Boston and decided on the last day to head off to the JFK Presidential Museum.  I would highly encourage a visit.  I found the visit very inspirational.  I was surprised because I would not say I am particularly intereseted in politics. 

We happened upon a documentary of Bobby Kennedy.  I found him to be a man of great cause.  He shared “You get one round at this life and you may as well find a cause you can contribute to wholeheartedly.” Bobby found his place as Attorney General on his brother’s cabinet during the Cuban Missle Crisis.  JFK later discussed how important Bobby was during this process. To each meeting Bobby brought something of value to the table.  JFK trusted his brother implicitly and they had a bond.  Bobby was the right hand man during this crucial period.  His cause was to support JFK and he had many others.