The First Three Phases Of A Career Change

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As I have read, researched and executed my career / job change, I have discovered that there are six phases to the process.  I will only give you three of six here to get you to come back for more.

The amount of time in each phase depends on a great deal of factors, many of which you really cannot control.  It is helpful to have a map of the phases to give you an idea of where you stand in the process.

The first three phases are reflection, exploration and experimentation.  Here is a brief overview of each:

1.) During the reflection phase, you are in the mode of introspection.  This is a very internally focused period of time.  You are evaluating your career, your accomplishments, your emotions and begin to think about the preferred future.

2.) The exploration phase includes others in the process.  This is a great time to go through an informal 360.  You do not need an online test, just some good questions you would like to have answered by peers, friends and family members.  In many ways, you are looking to others to affirm what you know is true.  The caution here is to properly weight that input and not lose yourself in the process.

3.) The experimentation phase is “trying on” the role or job before buying.  It could include a job shadow, exploratory interviews and research.  It is critical that you ask the right questions to outline all that you can know about the role or job prior to jumping in.

The more thorough you are on each phase, the more clarity the next phase will offer.  They really build on themselves and all lead to the ultimate goal, which is meaningful and purposeful work.