The Phases of A Career Change Part II

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Last month, I promised you more detail regarding the phases of a career change.  This week I wanted to provide some detail regarding the last  three phases of a career change.  Think of these phases as a wheel vs. steps in a process.  You may enter these phases at any point in time and may spend more time on one than the others.  What the phases give us is some context and clarity on where we are at in the process of a career change.

  • Career Phase #4 Clarification: During this phase, you are moving forward with the results of reflection, exploration and experimentation phases.  The goal here is to document your findings in a concise easy to review format.  For example utilize a job search plan document with your goals and vision listed at the top.
  • Career Phase #5 Preparation: During this phase, you are developing skills that correspond to the goals you listed in the Clarification phase.  This may also include resume preparation, interview preparation and company research.  The greater your preparation the greater probability for success down the road.
  • Career Phase #6 Transition:  The critical item to remember here is that you are in two places at once. You must practice being present in both places, knowing that there is much to learn in each place.

Where are you at in your Career Change?  Do you identify with any aspects of the Phases of A Career Change?