What are your top 3 accomplishments of 2013?

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As the year concludes, I have been thinking about my top 3 accomplishments of 2013.  My criteria for my top three focus on my enjoyment level of the work, a chance to serve and make a difference and the results.

There have been many great projects this year and for that I am grateful.  This journey which I have documented in this blog since 2009, began with the idea of finding a cause or a purpose.  I would say with confidence that this year has been just that, one of purpose.

I recall documenting my ideal day.  It included things like 1:1 conversations, speaking to large audiences, writing and training.  For the most part, I wake up each day with a vision of seeing leaders flourish.   My hope is that when I leave individuals feel a sense of moving closer to flourishing and that their businesses experience exceptional results.

The top 3 accomplishments of Open Pivot for 2013 include:

1.) Strategic Planning and Implementation: I have loved this project. Not only was it in professional services, but it was with a great group of partners that seemed to appreciate and value my leadership. In actuality they are the leaders and I helped guide them through the process.  The results included everything from a completed mission and vision statement, a strategic plan and training for their emerging leaders.

Client Quote: “Chris I just wanted to say thanks and kudus to you! All the partners talked today and that is such a great move in the right direction for our firm!  We would like to continue working with you to create our break through.”

2.) Non – Profit Training: About 12 managers met for a six month series that covered everything from management 101 to leading teams.  I enjoyed that this group really listened and wanted to learn.    Once this process was completed, I was able to come onsite with this client and spend my day in 1:1s helping the managers lead their teams effectively. One person in particular took to the coaching and created a strong strategic plan for their team.

Client Quote: “I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for hanging with us through this transition.  It’s been a pleasure working with you over the last several months, and I think we have benefitted greatly from your coaching.”

3.) Technician To Leader Training:  I had the privilege of working with a tremendous technical leader in a financial services business.   Recently, this person was promoted to a team leader. The challenges he faced included a  need to develop a shared purpose for their team, create a development plan for their team and create a platform for training.  Part of this engagement included conflict management training.  This was a very empowering experience for the group and included some relevant application.

Client Quote: “I’ve really grown and evolved during this process.  My awareness and thought process alone has been altered.”

Client Quote: “I just wanted to drop you a quick note.  I’ve sat in a lot of “training” meetings and I have to commend you on a great job.  Definitely a solid and quick moving session. Thanks”

What about you? What are your top 3 accomplishments of 2013?