Vague Feedback

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“Good job”  – General Feedback

“You are from New York” – Something They Cannot Change

“I don’t like that about you” – Evaluative (Judgmental)


“The financial examples you shared in the meeting today helped us come to a strong decision.” – Specific

“At the meeting yesterday, you were 15 minutes late…” – Something they can actually change

“During the meeting yesterday, you were chewing your fingernails.  I have a hard time focusing when this occurs.” – Descriptive

Seek to be specific vs general, provide an example of something they can change and be descriptive vs. evaluative. These are 3 ways to provide excellent feedback.  A bonus – if you find yourself sharing more than 20% constructive or negative feedback their brains will interpret all feedback as negative.  We actually need 4 positives to every 1 constructive to perform our best.