Waving the Magic Wand

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Another suggestion by my coach was to wave the “Magic Wand” and come up with the perfect picture of what I would be doing, what I would be making and what I would have in my next career. So here is a brief snapshot of my thoughts, in no particular order just mere stream of consciousness. So maybe there is an order here???

* I would be making six figures
* I would be 1:1 70% of the time
* I would be training 20% of the time
* I would be planning/reading/prepping/training the other 10%
* I would feel like what I am doing is a mere overlap of who I am from the inside out
* I would have a cause that is personal and comes from my own story in some personal way
* I would be pursued by others who are in the same journey and wish to enter into that story
* I would have other opportunities in the next five years to pursue
* I would have autonomy
* I would have tons of variety

Anyone know Harry Potter on a personal basis? Please send me an introduction via Facebook or LinkedIn.