What is your story?

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What is your story? I recall a moment in mine like it was yesterday.  I was an awkward 7th grader.  I had a civics teacher that had a great opportunity to really inspire me, instead provided demoralization.  The comment was “You are such a loser.” What I heard was that I would not amount to anything.  Juxtaposition that to Cathedral High School and suddenly, I was faced with true inspiration.  My teachers there sent the message of “You are exceptional. You will become and you will serve.” From demoralized to inspired.

You are a leader. What message whether verbal or not are you sending?  People remember more how you said things, the tonality, the posture and your facial expression.   It is on you!

Employees are disengaged primarily because you have not engaged with them.  Leader this is about relationships: 1:1, team and corporate.  Schedule the 1:1, build your team and cast vision in corporate settings about your preferred reality.

I do not want to read another study about disengaged employees in this great country of ours.  Dana Investments in Wisconsin shared in a recent newsletter that “Americans are ready to contribute to American exceptionalism.” Are you ready to be exceptional for your team?