Why A Career Group?

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A career group is provided for those in transition, stuck or just frustrated with their work.  People I talk to everyday tell me that looking for a job and trying to figure out what they want to do next is one of the most lonely experiences.

In fact, the National Mental Health Association released an article on the impact of unemployment on depression.  The article stated that individuals looking for 6 months or more were 3x more likely to suffer from depression. One solution is a career group…What is the focus of The Open Pivot Career Maximizer?

1) The purpose of the Career Maximizer is to provide exceptional, relevant and helpful career content to accelerate the job search process.

2) Career Maximizer attendees will also be trained on how to find the next opportunity, BUT will also be challenged to answer that big question…What do I want to do next?  This is the perfect time to engage in exploring the answer to that question.

3) Live Resume Sessions: A Live Resume session allows participants to have the focus of other group members to work through their plan for finding their next opportunity.  Group members ask questions, challenge and help the member with action steps.

4) Career of Great Cause: Members also have the opportunity to process through their findings of the Career of Great Cause e-book.  You can download a copy below or you can check it out on Slideshare.

So far, the Career Maximizer group has “graduated” 4 members to meaningful work.  We are launching a new group at the end of October.  You can check out details on our Facebook page under events.

I hope to see you there…