Why we like Abe Lincoln?

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We like Abe Lincoln because he was an incredible leader.  We really like Abe Lincoln because all our research seems to indicate that he was relentlessly himself.  Lincoln brought his lengthy jokes, tall personality and brutal honesty to every situation.  Lincoln’s best speeches were very short and his jokes were exceptionally long.

Lincoln gets diluted in leadership, so please hang in there and keep reading.  We are most attracted to him because during the greatest crisis of our nation, he just brought who he was to the table and cast a picture of what he wanted.  He was relentless in pursuing his vision.  Most of his friends thought he was crazy in his pursuits.

I like Abe Lincoln because he gives me various reference points as a leader.  The first one, am I bringing who I am to the table or am I pretending?  The second reference point is am I clearly defining what the current situation is and am I defining the anticipated future?  The third of course is my presence.  What type of presence do I convey in my leadership?  Is it one of anxiety or is it one of a strong, clear and confident demeanor?

One of the best books on Lincoln is Team of Rivals and to this point the best movie based on the book is Lincoln.  If you would like to see a virtual version of Mr. Lincoln, I would highly recommend a visit to Disneyland to see Great Moments With President Lincoln and the Hall of Presidents in Disney World.

What about you? How about you take those three reference point questions and see how you are doing compared with Honest Abe?