“You are making a big mistake”

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My mentor who brought me into the business has told me twice within the last two weeks that I was making a big mistake in moving out of my position. Here are my thoughts as it pertains to these remarks:

* If I was living my life for you, then I suppose it would look like I am making a mistake.  It seems like this is about you, not about me.
* If my goal was to be the best financial services professional in the city, then sure I am making a mistake.
* If I did not have a dream of waking up each morning captivated by a cause and a desire to have a career that was an overflow of who I am, then yes I am making a mistake
* Perhaps, I am making a mistake if my goals were different. 

I say to my mentor, “Thank you” Thank you for your investment.  Thank you for your time.  Remember, that your contribution is not in vain, in fact it meant a lot to me.  This is not about you.  This is about me.