A Leader’s Cause

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A leader’s cause is the lifeblood that carries the vital enthusiasm, energy and vision essential to build your business. You see without a cause you are merely data, a noise, a talking head or worse yet a cog in someone else’s wheel.  All organizations need leaders that understand their own purpose before they can commit to leading others.

As hard as this may sound, much of my career has been aligning myself sometimes with someone else’s purpose.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with this as long as in the midst of this you do not lose sight of how your purpose fits right in.

Think about where you are at today. Do you have a picture of your own cause? For me it takes on several forms…In volunteer work with schools it is all about working with alumni and staff to make sure that students flourish.  In my business, it is all about making executives, managers and team leaders flourish. At home with my wife and kids it is about working to see that all three of them flourish.

Consider this my cause.  Living my life in the service of others to ensure that they are flourishing. Anything less actually has me cringe.

I can control whether I consider my own cause as I lead others. Even though not everyone else is going in the same direction.

My call to action for you is to make sure you understand your cause.  Write it down and review it.  If you do not know what yours or your business’s cause is, please let me know. I love and live to help leaders get there.  After all, it hits the bottom line directly and impacts your life in a huge way!