The Leadership Framework

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A leadership framework gives leaders and organizations an opportunity to connect to a model that helps them be exceptional.  A framework is nothing more than a simple and easy to connect with visual attached to a method.  Consider this the Open Pivot philosophy on leadership.

You can click on this link to see a very basic picture of the framework: Leadership Framework

As you can see my the picture above, the framework starts with a non-anxious presence as the baseline for all leaders to exemplify.  This is about knowing where you start and stop, not infecting others with your anxiety and coming to grips with your anxious triggers.  An anxious presence often will derail their team inadvertently.

I was recently with a friend who does sales training and he shared a perfect example of how anxiety can have a negative and demoralizing effect.  The sales leader started the meeting with sales are down and I am worried.  He tried to be motivating, but actually just created anxiety because he did not state the reality and work toward a plan to move forward.

The second part of the framework or triangle is creating consonance vs. dissonance. A leader that creates consonance with their team knows how to communicate effectively, builds exceptional relationships and has a vision.  Juxtaposed to a leader that creates dissonance by not connecting, staying in their office barking out orders and has as the only vision a desire to reach a revenue goal / data and nothing else.

The third part of the framework or triangle is being inspirational. Said another way, the leader motivates people to exceptional results. A demoralizing leader does not seek to know, motivate, train or support their team.  They stay in the position of technician and rarely move to the position of leader.

Take a look at the triangle and evaluate yourself.  Which of the three do you feel strongest in? Which comes least naturally? All of those pieces create a very strong and effective leader.