Another Meeting

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I have led meetings that have been an absolute disaster. I have led meetings that were inspiring and purposeful.  I have sat in meetings where I wondered: “Why am I sitting here?”

Hours of our time are spent in meetings.  There are many books, articles, newsletters, training sessions and blogs devoted to subject of meetings.   Here are 5 observations about meetings and the leaders job to have these be productive, inspiring and meaningful: (Thank you to my friends at MG RUSH for the contributing content)

1. Please, please, please, please have a meeting deliverable documented and communicated prior to the meeting to all attendees.
2. Clarify roles.  Two roles: Facilitator and Participant.  There is a meeting facilitator.  The facilitator is the objective one. The participants are the contributors to ideas and content.  Every and I mean every participant is a person and is valid. That does not mean that you have to agree with everything being shared.
3. Avoid the temptation to make sure everyone feels good about you.  This suggestion is for both the participant and the facilitator.  Your job is to not make everyone happy.
4. Consider the pre-meeting to discuss the meeting prior to entering the room. Preparation is one of the few things you can control.  Make sure you are ready.
5. Norms:  Not a bad idea to clarify meeting norms before the meeting starts.

What have been your meeting best practices?  Millions of hours are spent in meetings, why not change the tenor and make these productive?