Visualize What You Want To Create

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You have heard the phrase “start with the end in mind” a thousand times.  Why do we find this challenging or sometimes impossible? The answer is that life and work sometimes necessitates us to just get what is ahead of us completed.  I don’t care if you are in a life or career transition, a leadership position or a volunteer.  It is critical to take time to visualize what you want to create or lead others toward.

Here are three suggestions for you:

  1. A visual learner may value drawing a picture or writing out what you want to create in your work or in your life.  Be sure to include the emotions you feel, the environment you are in and the people you are with.
  2. Avoid the trap of thinking about all that you do not have, instead think about what you do have and imagine that what you wish to create is real.
  3. Go through a visualization exercise.  I really like Dr. Timothy Butler’s exercise for those in career transition. It takes practice, but is very powerful.

Remember that stress and anxiety force out our ability to create and imagine.  It may take time for you to gain a picture of what you want to create or do.