Book Review: The Advantage by Patrick M. Lencioni

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The Advantage is a great title is it not? Lencioni’s latest book takes you into the realms of the organization and insists that organizations must have an exceptional culture to have an exceptional business.

I downloaded the Enhanced Edition on the iTunes bookstore. ¬†This includes the book along with video and pdf tools. It is worth the extra few dollars for the resources. I am also partial to extras. ūüôā

Here is a list of the main principles of the book:

1. Team Cohesion: This is the foundation of the an exceptional organization. ¬†Lencioni shares that this is not about the “touchy feely” stuff and more about transparency, honesty and openness.

2. Two Measures Smart and Healthy:  Organizations that have great strategy, marketing and financial management are Smart.  Businesses that are healthy have minimal politics, minimal confusion, high morale, high productivity and low turnover.  If your business can be successful in both of these areas, you gain the advantage from your competition.

3. Team Accountability: My favorite quote from the book is “To hold someone accountable is to care about them enough to risk having them blame you for pointing out their deficiencies” Lencioni

4. Cohesive Leadership Team: This is where it gets exciting.  Lencioni takes the principles from the 5 Dysfunctions of a Team and enhances these ideas into some practical suggestions.

Another great aspect of the book is that, there is an entire section on leading successful meetings. ¬†Meeting mavens will be able to evaluate their meetings, identify weakness and growth areas through the use of Lencioni’s “Meeting Quiz” located at the end of the chapter entitled Discipline #4.

Readers will find the book very practical, accessible and easy to read.  Leaders will like the way Lenicioni breaks down the key concepts with excellent visuals, videos and resources.

I would highly recommend you pick up a copy of Patrick Lencioni’s Advantage. ¬†Would you say that your organization is both Smart and Healthy?