The Pragmatist, The Dreamer and The Moderate

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The pragmatist, the dreamer and the moderate represent the profiles of three people.   I do not want  you to immediately think about which one you identify with.  I want you to think about three of the most influential people in your life. Do you have them in your head?  I can wait another sentence here.  Now do you have them in your head?  Ok.

The three most influential people in my life have been my father, my mother and my favorite teacher.  Before you read any further, please write yours down…

Now let us define the pragmatist, the dreamer and the moderate:

1) The Pragmatist: The pragmatist can generally be characterized by having a high need for security, certainty, clarity and may be a person of worry.  Pragmatists may say things like “How much is that going to cost?” “How long have they been in business?” and “What if something goes wrong?”   A famous career researcher, Dr. Timothy Butler states that he heard the following from his clients “I’m going to have to abandon my career dreams for the sake of pragmatism and a job.”  A pragmatist might abandon their interests and dreams and settle for security.

2) The Dreamer: The dreamer is imaginative, impulsive, certainty is an illusion to the dreamer and he/she may be a person of worry.  You will often hear dreamers say “I can see this being successful.” “When I grow up, I am going to become x,y and z.” and “If I do not take this risk, then I will never know if it would have worked.”  As for your career, the dreamer inside you needs to imagine the preferred future in these areas: the job, the role, the day in and day out duties, the people and your personal life.

3) The Moderate: The moderate travels between pragmatic and dream state often.  They are suited to balance the need for security with the imagination of a dreamer.  The moderate may say “I will look at the data and include my emotion in the decision.” “I know the cost and am willing to invest.” and “Keep pushing toward your dream with an eye on the dream and the pocket book.”

Back to the three most influential people in your life, where would you categorize those people?

Ladies and gentlemen, do not discount the influence of these people on your life as you embark on your career journey.  The presence of their influence is real.  The challenge is to hear the wisdom of all three personas and ultimately listen to the persona or voice of your heart.  I call this voice “purpose.”

I would also recommend you have all three types of people in your life as you venture toward your career dream.  Take time to dream big, take the next step toward the dream and balance it all with a sense of purpose as you move forward.

At the end of the day, you have to be able to look yourself in the mirror and be true to who you are.   You may be wondering “Where do I start?”  That is where the Career of Great Cause guide can be helpful to you, which you can download below.