First Job Shadow

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This was a great experience today. I felt like it so helped me gain a clear understanding of what the position would be like, the culture, the environment, the way folks interact, the work setting and so much more. It was like trying on the suit before the purchase.

I must say I was pretty disappointed after today and that probably had a great deal to do with my expectations going into the day. My expectations were subconscious but there no doubt:

  • I thought that the cause would be felt more strongly in my heart and it was not
  • I did not expect to feel “trapped” going into the discussion. I think this has to do with the fact that what I would be selling was located inside the actual building. This is where I would be each and every day with little work done outside.
  • I did not find a way to counsel / mentor others today. It seemed to be very focused on the goal, which makes total sense
  • I did not expect that a development position would require so much project management. Of which I do not like.

Not to sound negative, let’s be positive:

  • I really like the head person of this location. He is just terrific and would be great to be around.
  • I really like the cause of this place. My children go to school here, so let’s maybe just let that be sacred and not my profession.
  • The people are terrific. It would fine to come in each day and be around these folks.
  • I liked telling my own personal story about the school and that felt very real to me. I so want my next position to be more connected to who I am and my story.