The Second Job Shadow

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I was at the bottom last night emotionally. I was very disappointed because I thought maybe this would be the thing. Today, it was a completely opposite feeling or emotion. I shadowed at a campus career services office. I felt at home. It could be that it was my alma mater, but it was more about the people and the activities I witnessed.

As an analogy after I left my first job shadow, I got a flat tire. I wondered if I was stuck in this process. I was deflated. I attacked the flat tire and the disappointment and kept going.

* I saw the director teach a class regarding the job search, career emphases and networking with passion.
* I was able to help this director with a few ideas on how to teach a networking seminar to a bunch of greek students.
* The staff at this office were people of cause.

The only draw back is that they just filled two positions. Perhaps, I missed this upon my first visit. This is ok because when I first met with them, I did not know enough. Today, the director gave me a few ideas to build my resume and credentials.

Emotionally: My heart is large and feels alive for the first time in a long time. I can see how “Who I am is more about what I do” in this type of role.