Goals, Roles, Tools and Time

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Goals, Roles, Tools and Time Oh My! Say that five times fast. Goals, Roles, Tools and Time.  If you put that into an acronym it goes something like this G.R.T.T…pronounced (G U R T)  Seriously now, we are back on the topic of team leadership, organizational leadership, corporate leadership and strategic planning.

Leaders once you have established that marvelous vision for the future, done a clear situational analysis and have done an evaluation of the $, Time and People that you will need to move forward.  You use G.R.T.T to help clarify the critical path steps.

Goals: You have heard this all before.  Just make sure you actually do it. Instead of we will hit our numbers this year.  Make sure you actually document the number so that it is measurable.   The Staples annual small business survey says that the majority of business owners do not document and measure toward their goals.

Roles: This is about accountability. Who? Or What Team? will be responsible for hitting the goal.

Tools: What resources, team members, technologies, skills, information will you use to reach the goal you have set?

Time: This is about the space time continuum.  It is attaching a target date to the goal stated above.

I think of team meetings as opportunities to provide training, knowledge share, collaboration and complete a task related to a project that is focused on business objectives.  Depending on the cadence of your meetings, review your plan regularly.

You have a greater chance of actually completing your goals having written them down and an even greater chance if you update your progress.

Feel free to email me if you would like to see my Strategic Planning Template.  Remember it must work for your business and your team.