Please don’t go…Turnover

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Please don’t go…You may be thinking this in your head when that terrific employee decides to leave your company.  This topic makes me cringe.  It makes me cringe because when turnover happens the company often loses a strong business partner, a relationship, a teammate, a leader, a technical expert, a future impact player and you lose knowledge.

Please do not go because you have lots to offer us even though we have not created a path for you that leverages your skills.  Please do not go because your knowledge needs to be passed on to the future of our business.  Please do not go because you are a leader.  This change and growth seems to have created some uncertainty for you, which is understandable.   We need to create a pathway for your success.

Please do go if you feel that you have accomplished all that you possibly can inside these four walls.  Please do go if you are unhappy.  Please do go if this opportunity is fantastic.  Remember to take all that this business has provided you and make sure you transition well.

Leaders the unengaged employee post from before connects directly to this topic of turnover.  In fact, it is time for you to engage not only in conversation with your leaders, but also with the people who may be leaving.  There is a natural type of turnover, which is the helpful and healthy kind.  I am not talking about that type of turnover. I am talking about the turnover that came from nowhere or turnover that could have been avoided if you were intentional.

I share a few of my ideas on turnover in the video below: