Growing Business Challenge #1: Unengaged Employees

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A growing business faces many challenges.  Over the summer, we will explore several of these business challenges through a series of videos and blogs.  The unengaged employee is a challenge that all businesses eventually face. Oftentimes the growing business encounters this challenge more frequently.

You have seen that unengaged employee in meetings, on your team or passing by their cubicle.  The impact to the bottom line is tremendous.  The 2012 Towers Watson Global Workforce Study shared this quote regarding the workforce: “Businesses appear to be at a critical tipping point in their ability to maintain engagement over time.”   Additionally, the study shared that businesses with high sustainable engagement, averaged three times higher operating margin.

How do you address employee engagement in your company? I outline a few thoughts in the video below.

For me the unengaged employee has me up at night. I imagine what businesses and communities would be like with highly engaged people.  Imagine the impact to the bottom line, the person’s life and the clients they serve.

Take a look at the first challenge of a growing business and let me know what you think.  Would you please share this video with a leader, manager or business owner that is facing this challenge?