Where are you and where are you going?

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Where are you? Where are you going? It is easier to answer the first question and much more difficult to answer the second question. The second question could be rephrased, where do you want to be?  I love that question because it forces me to think about an incredible future.  I often call it the preferred future.

I want to see business leaders of all types, levels, titles and industries flourishing.  I want to see them engaged and inspired.  I want to see their teams win.  I want to see them win.

You, your business and your team can flourish.  A little planning will help you evaluate your progress toward that exciting vision that resides within you.

The reason I offer Strategic Planning to my clients is that it allows them to first obtain a “Current Location” on their business GPS and move to that preferred future.  The preferred future often has the leader, the business and their team winning and flourishing.  It almost always includes adding tremendous value to their customers.

Does the plan change along the way? Usually it does and if you are smart you will make adjustments.  No different than taking the road trip with the family this summer.  You will deviate along the way and this is normal.  It will not matter at all if you do not have some clarity on the essential aspects of your destination.

A couple of questions for you: Have you created a plan? Is the plan alive inside your business? (Alive means not on the hard drive or collecting dust on the wall)

Here is a video that provides more information on Strategic Planning: