How do you find a job?

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Go ahead and Google “How do you find a job?” and see what happens.  It is a fun exercise and you will certainly learn something in the process. According to Wikihow, there are 11 steps to the process including resume writing, networking and more.  I found DVDs, audio books, blogs, coaches, websites and books to help in the process.  This is a bit overwhelming for those looking for the next opportunity.

So how does one find a job? Here are my suggestions, which are primarily focused on the attitude and preparation part of the search.

1. Don’t look for a job. That’s right. Don’t look for a job.  Start by identifying what you want to do first by beginning to explore or redefine your interests. Dr. Timothy Butler would say that we tend to develop skill in areas of great interest.

2. How do you view yourself? If your answer is not something like, “I respect myself.” or “I have great value” then you need to get to work on your view of yourself.  HINT: This view of yourself does not really come from the 1,000’s of opinions of others.

3. In basketball, a player can get into the “zone”, which is when he or she does not miss a shot.  When were you last in the “zone”?  Spend some time reflecting on what was going on during your “zone” experience.  For example: Who were you with? What were you doing? What were some of the emotions you felt? What were the results and feedback?

4. If you have a great handle on Steps 1-3, then imagine yourself already doing the work that you were destined and designed to do.  The imagination of man has become a very underused and weak muscle.  This is about vision and starting with the end in mind.

How do you find a job? It starts with some extensive work in the reflection phase.