How to handle a rejection letter

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Let’s be honest, receiving a letter of rejection can be emotionally draining.  Your mind will immediately go to “They did not like me.” or “I am not good enough.” or “I did something wrong.” If you made it to the last one or two interviews there is a good chance that this is not about you at all and that it is about cultural fit or timing, which in the end is better for you in the long term.

Here are 5 tips to handle the rejection letter:

1. Give yourself permission to be disappointed, upset and frustrated.  You are in fact a human being. Acknowledge this emotion AND allow yourself a period of time say 12 or 24 hours to be in this mode and then move on.  Try not to over ruminate.

2. Write down all that you learned regarding the situation and how you would handle this differently the next time.  David Allen considers this a key step in allowing your mind to unpack all that it is processing by putting this on a piece of paper.

3. Respond to rejection with gratitude.  Write a note to everyone that was involved in the interview process from the receptionist to the president.  Be honest by sharing your disappointment and thank them for the opportunity.  This will help bring closure to the event and continue the relationship.

4. Remember that this most likely is about culture, timing and fit vs. your character and your identity.  You are a masterpiece and you have a place to contribute and serve.

5. Visualize your ideal and move with passion in that direction.  This is about going toward your next opportunity.

Rejection may try to completely derail you in the pursuit of your goals.  Do not let it have the power and move forward with a greater sense of purpose and clarity.