Mentoring and Perspective

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This past Friday I enjoyed a great lunch with a friend and mentor.  I continue to use the word perspective in each of my conversations with him.  Perspective according to Webster’s is really about the state of one’s ideas at that point in time.  In art, as the picture illustrates, perspective is an effect brought about by distance.

My mentor provides perspective because he has been on the earth for about 30 years longer than I have. He has had more of the major experiences in life and is able to draw on his learnings in each one of my life situations.  He can then share those perspectives with me.

What do I gain from his perspective during this time:

  • Calm: I gain a sense of calm that someone else has been here, survived it, learned from it and it resulted in a greater sense of purpose through the transition process.
  • Knowledge: I am able to apply his learnings to my situation, even if not all of the situations are applicable.
  • Stay Present In Today: I learn that this is important no matter where you are at in your life stage.  The people in your life today need you to be you because that is your greatest value. 
  • Give Yourself Permission To Journey:  Life is truly a process. Life is not the destination. We are not here to get to a destination.  The journey is the destination.   
I hope this perspective has been helpful to you in your journey.  It sure has been helpful to me.