The Impasse and Purpose

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30 days ago, I picked up a book I read previously entitled “The Power of Intention” by Dr. Dyer.  I read this for the first time about 7 years ago and found the principles very useful back then.  Today, it has had even more meaning.  A few months I ago I blogged about the impasse.  The impasse I have been in has had me feeling uninspired.  In fact, I probably have allowed my thoughts to keep me from being inspired.

Dr. Dyer writes about our purpose and so I thought, I would let his words of inspiration for those of us at the impasse.

* “If you think you are separate from your purpose and that you are drifting without purpose, then this is exactly what you will attract.”  p. 150
* “There’s a silent something within that intends  you to express yourself.  That something is your soul telling you to listen and connect through love, kindness, and receptivity to the power of intention.” p.152
* “Expand you reality to the point where you pursue what you love doing and excel at it.”  p.236

The last quote is very powerful.  Pursue that work, that activity and that life so that what you love doing is your life.  Worry not about the financial reward and the acclimation.  Allow your thoughts and actions marinate in the parts of life that inspire you.  For me, that is work that is about serving others to help them become all that they are intended to become.