Mindful Decision-Making

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I want to thank Gretchen Rubin for her Happiness Project Tip. She shares that 80% of people aren’t passionate about their work. She states that, “You have to know what makes you happy and go after it.” This is called mindful decision making.

These last several weeks have been a very intentional time of thinking through how I want to work and imagining myself in those situations. Here are a few of the images I see:
* I see myself sitting across the table in 1:1 in conversations. I am listening. I am engaged. I am thrilled for that human being.
* I see myself coaching a person across the table. The person is listening, responding and is engaged.
* I see myself in a room and I am up front. My heart is racing. I am thrilled to teach and the people are engaged.
* I see my heart getting larger. Kinda like the Grinch when he hears music down in “Whoville”
* I am caused.
* I see needs being met. Some of these are tangible and some of them intangible.
What do you see when you imagine your caused life?