Remaining Clear

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I have shared many times that it is challenging to keep the sense of what you want as a clear picture in your mind.  It is very easy for me to get bogged down in the details and forget why I started this process and where I want to end up.  I would like to share a few tips or my plan for remaining clear through this process:

1) Go back to the visualization exercise I did at the beginning of the process.  I remember that I saw myself 1:1 and that my heart was engaged in my work.
2) Practice sharing what I want to do with others several times a week.
3) Take a risk and put it out there. Again, take the risk and go practice what I am visualizing.  In other words, I have been seeking 1:1 conversations and I am loving it.

My plan is to remain clear even on the cloudiest of days like today.