Revisiting the Magic Wand exercise…

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A few monthts ago, I wrote about waving the magic wand.  The exercise was about listing off everything I wanted in my job and life.  I went back through the document I put together and realized that my new role has the potential to hit everything on my list.  It is testimony of the importance of documenting goals and revisiting goals.  In reality, this is really a life vision and a vision for work.

If you do not risk dreaming about a preferred future, you greatly reduce the chance to reach that vision.  If you are adrift in the daily activities with no clear picture of the future, you slowly find yourself backed into a corner or in a ditch.  I am thrilled about the picture of the future.  There is five year potential for advancement, for linchpin like realities, to excel and to really be engaged in my work. 

My challenge is to revisit this magic wand exercise every month to see how things are coming along.