The $ or the Cause or Both

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I have great appreciation for entrepreneurs. There is great passion for their business, service model or product. Additionally, the great ones live eat and think about making sure the bottom line is healthy and that revenue is increasing. I have never felt that kind of pressure nor been in their shoes.

I kept thinking that I would eventually develop this same sense of passion within myself. I even thought that something was wrong with me because I was not “wired” that way. The entreprenuerial spirit is one that I do not feel I have in my soul.

I do feel that there is a difference in mission for the for profit and the non-profit. The non-profit keeps its doors open so that it can fulfill its mission. That could be for the arts, the poor, children, education and a host of others. If the goal is not met in the non-profit world the doors shut. If the goal is not met in the business world the doors are shut.

I would like to suggest that the mission does not continue if the doors are shut for the non-profit or the experience is no longer provided. This is true for the for profit too I am sure. I wonder if this is more about the fact that both do have mission, it is whether your heart is engaged in the mission.

Last night, I felt confused and in dispair because I was still trying to grapple and understand the distinction between the two. Perhaps, I just had not put it to rest yet the reason I need to make a transition. The key is the “cause” for me. I will continue the journey. My heart is open. I doubt that it will stop with my next career decision though.