The path less traveled or the path I did not expect…

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As I went through this process, I had convinced myself that I would be leaving my present organization and would head somewhere else.  I guess I thought that there was not a place for me inside my organization unless I was selling.  I thought I would open myself up to the conversation of opportunities inside my organization and it turns out I was able to expand my role to better suit my interests.  There was in fact a need for what I wanted to do.

As you can imagine, the emotional let down this created was significant.  I was headed to a moment in time when I would start something new.  This did not come.  The drama was internal as I have to re-tool my role and find my way. 

The key for to the path less traveled is having a clear picture of the first 90 days.  The goals for my first 90 days and very clear in my head and on paper.  It includes 3 buckets of my role and includes key markers for success.  I continue to take time and visualize in my head how I want to work, where I want to work and the results.  This helps me stay positive in the midst of ambiguity.